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 Our "Buccaneer Spice Blends" are Inspired by the old days of the Spice Trade. Enlivening the Imagination like these pungent plant parts do food, Spices epitomize the Exotic, Sunny Tropics. The Pirates Treasure wasn't always Gold, it was the Spices! Our Blends are Handcrafted and all Natural for you to Inspire a Culinary Delight Tonight! As we say "Spice is the Variety of Life."

The Buccaneer's Barbeque Blend, Truly A Pirates Treasure! Use as is or add to brown sugar for Real Barbeque Spice Magic.


12oz Bottles $10.00 each!

The Buccaneer's Fowl Blend adds a Bit of the Exotic Indian Spices and  Barbeque Blend to Create a Poultry Rub That will definately "Blow the Man Down!"


12oz Bottles $10.00 each!

 The Boucan Blend is an Old-Style salt and Pepper Mixture to use as you would a Seasoning Salt.  "Twill Liven up all your Cookin' Crafts."


12oz Bottles $10.00 each!

The Chipotle Blend has the Distinctly Smokey Spicy Flavor of Our Own Smoked Jalepenos Blended with other Herbs and Spices to make a Seasoning that will Surely "Shiver Yer Timbers" with Pure Spice Magic!


5.5oz Bottles $10.00 each!

The Helldorado Blend has the Heat of  the Islands in the middle  of the summer on a calm day, made with Red Savina Habaneros, Very Flavorful, yet Hot as the Heart Of The Fire! "Ahy' Not For the Timid."


5.5oz Bottles $10.00 each!

Just Pure Ground Red Savina Habanero Exotic Flavour & Extremely Hot!!!!


3.5 oz Jar $15.00 plus s/h

Watch Out Pure Ground Bhjut Jolokia aka Ghost Chili Very Seriously Hot!!!!     "Be Ye Warned"


2.9 oz Jar $15.00 plus s/h